YOGA: Yoga Alive is committed to bringing only the most highly qualified instructors to you. All yoga instructors have completed at least 200 hours of teacher training, most are Yoga Alliance certified and many have hundreds of extra training hours. Our instructors are technically capable and committed to the yoga lifestyle. Entrust your yoga journey to the best hot yoga instructors in the business!

FITNESS: In addition to hot yoga, we offer classes in the most popular and fun forms of fitness. Yoga Alive locations feature cycle, barre and DANCEFIX classes. Whether you’re a fitness expert or a total beginner, Yoga Alive has something to appeal to everyone’s unique preferences and needs.

Yoga Instructors Cycle Alive Instructors

Yoga Instructors

Stacy Shirley Stacy Shirley
Vice President
Director of Teacher Training

Some teachers say they felt a calling to teach, some say they fell into it… I was pushed. A few years into my early yoga practice my teachers at the time told me I’d make a great teacher, I thought they were joking! I’m not a stereotypical yoga teacher… I’m vertically-challenged and horizontally- enhanced, I don’t speak softly, and I’ve always worked full time in the graphic design world…. So a yoga teacher? Well, oddly enough, they were right! That push sent me into training, which led to more trainings…. And from the moment I taught my first public class in 2005 I knew that teaching this amazing journey of yoga was always going to be part of my path.I can spout all my certifications in vinyasa, hatha, yin, and years of teaching – all very important details, but when it comes down to it I teach yoga from my heart — a heart that lives in the real word of working full time, running 2 teenagers around, making dinner, being a middle-aged chick – and bringing all that to my teaching. As a teacher I want my students to feel better when they leave my class then when they came in…. both spiritually and physically….because I KNOW I always do.I ask only 2 things of my students…. Breath and smile…. ok, 3 things… laugh at my jokes!

Tara Ballinger
VP of Operations

I have played competitive sports for a good portion of my life and as I have gotten older, continued to stay very active with triathlons and marathons. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and living a well-balanced life is always something that I strive to achieve, however, I felt there was something missing. A friend of mine had invited me to come to a yoga class with her a few years back and it was at that point in time, I realized yoga was my missing piece. With the practice of yoga, I have found that not only am I stronger and my flexibility has increased, but I have a sense of calmness, happiness, and most importantly, self acceptance.I recently finished the 200 hour Teacher Training course at Yoga Alive and it has been an amazing experience. I am grateful for all the wonderful teachers that I have learned from and continue to learn from each day. My hope is that my students are able to experience the same sense of greatness I feel when they come to their mat and practice.

Joe Lang Joe Lang

All my life I found something about the basic assumptions of civilization just didn’t fit. In my heart I felt that something much greater lay beyond the perceived values of our race. Because of this in my early years I found myself inextricably attracted metaphysics and religious studies. It wasn’t until searching out a copy of Dwight Goodards “Buddhist Bible” that things really began to shift. This book was for me a springboard into a focused study of eastern religions and a multitude of philosophical systems. I had no idea where this study was to bring me (or to where it will bring me next!) but I continued with an overwhelming persistence.It wasn’t until years later when a close friend of mine suggested that I might teach yoga that the word itself, “yoga” had even been brought up in a context other than that which I had found in buddhist works. There is no way to really describe why or what drove me to do what came next but it changed my life. Without taking a yoga class I signed myself up for a month long intensive teacher training in the Sivanada Bahamian Ashram with the intention of living there and continuing study beyond the initial course until I knew what was to come next. I began studying yoga through every book I could find. I found myself highly influenced by B.K.S. Iyengars “Light on Yoga” and Pattabhi Jois’ “Yoga Mala” and natural drawn to the Ashtanga Primary Series practice.After completing the Sivananda teacher training I had the great fortune to remain in the Ashram for a number of months teaching yoga as well as practicing Karma Yoga. This experience helped me to solidify my desire to share the practice of yoga with others and put me on the path that I find myself still to this day.Since then I have continued my studies not only through his persistent personal practice and study of classical works but as well by attending a Vinyasa teacher training with one of my first teachers Kristen Gulak-Cooper as well as numerous retreats in the Vipassana style of meditation. I am inspired daily by the immutable truth of change and I find in my daily devotion to my daughter the greatest expression of my yoga.

Sember Meyers Sember Meyers

I Love Yoga! I’ve always played competitive sports and been very active. It was when an injury left me unable to participate, I went on a search. I had practiced yoga from time to time, but it wasn’t until then did it all come together. Day after day I came to my mat. Not only did I heal my injuries with my physical practice, but what I found was an unexpected sense of peace, calmness, and self acceptance that I’d never known. I fell in love! The mental, physical and emotional intertwined through breath. United.I made the decision to participate in the Yoga Alive Teacher Training to enhance my own personal practice and through it I’ve been incredibly inspired to share the wonderful gifts that Yoga can give. My focus is to help students experience not only the benefits of their physical practice, but to help them nurture a strong mind-body connection to create strength, flexibility, openness, and balance. We learn from each other.I’m grateful to my family and wonderful teachers for giving me that little push to follow my passion.

Anissa Dowling Anissa Dowling

Anissa went to her first yoga class in 2000 when her step aerobics instructor got certified as a yoga teacher and invited her to class (yes, you heard that right, “step aerobics”!). She took her 200 hour training in 2011 and became Ashtanga Certified through Yoga Ah in Cincinnati. As a teacher, she loves to see her students walk out the door with the “yoga glow”. Her vinyasa flows range from gentle yet powerful to a more vigorous flow, and her classes welcome you to open your mind, become aware of your breath as it guides you, and to find stillness. You will not leave Anissa’s class without a giggle, or an outright belly laugh – it’s always a good time!

Leilani Barrett

As a dancer I was exposed to yoga for years not knowing the movements and postures were yoga. Growing up in the city, yoga always seemed to be a very crunchy granola tree huggin hippie cultural experience. When I began to study further I found my illusions shattered and discovered how integrated the movements and philosophy of yoga were already a part of my life. After finding hot yoga and the healing effects it had on me, I was hooked! Adopting the mantra of Health, WellBeing and Vitality, yoga is an integral part of my fitness program and journey of wellness. I wanted to go deeper in the study and practice of yoga and entered YA’s Teacher Training program not realizing how deep the rabbit hole goes. As a teacher, I am humbled and excited to share the practice of yoga and its healing properties with anyone and everyone anywhere and everywhere!

Julie Shelton Julie Shelton

Yoga is something that means so much to me. It is not just a physical practice to me, but a mental practice too. It’s about being mindful not only in poses and on your mat, but off your mat as well. It helps bring in the peace and calm that is needed to balance the craziness of being a stay-at-home-mom to my two small children. I love sharing the joy and peace it has brought to me with my students.I recently finished the 200 hour Teacher Training course at Yoga Alive. It was a natural next step to further my practice and continue to learn. It has allowed me to get back in front of people, as I am a former elementary school teacher. I love to share what I have learned to help students find something more than just a physical practice. I want my students to leave feeling stronger, more relaxed and at peace.

Kori Ruth Kori Ruth

I like to think that I didn’t find yoga, yoga found me. It wasn’t until I turned 20 years old that I really began searching for a fitness routine. After joining a local gym I realized that I needed something more than what weight machines and treadmills could offer. It was then by chance that I stumbled into my first yoga class and after the first sun salutation I knew I was home. I fell in love with the physical and mental challenge that yoga provides. What had started as a casual practice soon became a way of life – yoga has awaked me on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. I believe that an intelligent physical practice can be a vehicle for change and transformation both internally and externally.

Trisha Durham Trisha Durham

Yoga has been a dear part of Trisha’s life for the last 12 years – it began when she walked into a yoga studio on a cold February night looking for a way to relieve stress, and to reconnect with her body after far too long. For Trisha, movement is medicine. A dancer her whole life, previously with the Dayton Ballet, yoga was a natural fit. Yoga, or more specifically, asana, is her favorite way to quiet unconstructive thoughts of the mind and to focus, if only for 60 minutes, on the here and now of the breath. She regularly seeks out professional development opportunities to continue her own artistic and creative growth. When she isn’t teaching yoga, Trisha enjoys dancing locally with Pones Inc. and other local dance organizations. Trisha holds both a Bachelors and a Masters degree from the University of Cincinnati in International Affairs and Women’s Studies.

Tawnya Underwood

The pursuit of balance. I have spent a good portion of my life focused on my physical capabilities through running and competitive sports. It wasn’t until I began practicing, studying and teaching yoga that I found strength in the non physical, the breath, the mind and meditation. I have come closer to finding that place of balance in life, and love every opportunity to share that with others!

Michelle Hamann Michelle Hamann

I started doing yoga in High School, 11 years ago. I knew that yoga was the reason for my decreased joint pain but I never anticipated the peace of mind that would come along with it. The more I practice, the happier and calmer I become. I really couldn’t imagine my life without a yoga practice. I only hope to transfer this peace and the knowledge I have learned to others in my classes.

Jessica Storms

Jessica began her interest in body movement with classical ballet and modern dance. After a short-lived career in dance she became interested in the psychology of movement, and how she could assist people through movement therapy. Jessica began practicing yoga in 2007, and shortly thereafter attended Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica for 400 Hours of yoga teacher certification. Her quest to learn more about teaching yoga led her to complete another 500 hour certification at Kripalu School of Yoga in Lenox, MA. Jessica then discovered Baptiste Power Yoga and fell in love with the more physically demanding aspects of the style. She recently completed level 1, level 2(twice) Baptiste Teacher Training and The Art of Assisting. Although she loves the physical workout Yoga provides, Jessica has also been inspired by the serenity and strength yoga has provided in her own life. Her goal as a yoga instructor is to use her skills to assist others in finding their own inner peace and strength, but also to have fun and not take life too seriously. ~Jai Bhagwan~ “The Spirit within me salutes the Spirit in you”

500 RYT Hatha, Kripalu,
Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 2012
Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher Training Level 2 2012 & 2013

Sujata Pai

Growing up in India,  Sue was surrounded by yoga but realized the importance of TEACHING it a few years ago. She was ‘forced’ to be a part of a class taught by her friend who had just gotten certified and ended up leaving the room totally mesmerized.  At that moment teaching yoga became a passion! She was amazed with the connection of breath to the pose and the importance of it in ones’ practice. She wanted to take this message to as many students as possible and thus went on her path to get certified here in the U.S. in 2012. Combining her knowledge of growing up with the tradition of yoga and her quest to teach it propels Sue on her journey!

Cycle Alive Instructors

Amelia Kubicki Amelia Kubicki

After working out to Jane Fonda in my friends basement at age 17, I knew I was hooked on fitness. I am still at it 32 years later, only without the leg warmers! Fitness has been a major part of my life and being an instructor has been very fulfilling. Motivating students through a workout and watching the growth and confidence of students is amazing. Running into an old student and reminiscing about old classes is very fun! And that’s what its all about, having fun while you challenge yourself with a workout. Come join our team of RealRyder instructors and challenge yourself to a ride of your life with bikes that actually move. The intensity is strong, the music is good, and the experience is unforgettable.

Melaine Vollmer Melanie Vollmer

As a multi-faceted fitness professional I promote fitness and wellness through my passion and enthusiasm in all of my group exercise classes. My professional experience spans across many areas of the fitness industry. I am an NASM and AFAA certified personal trainer and hold specialty certifications including Spinning, Real Ryder, TRX Suspension Training, and AFAA Group Exercise. As a former division one collegiate athlete I bring a competitive drive to my classes while understanding balance and the importance of mind body awareness. Whether you are a competitive athlete, an avid gym goer, a rehabilitation patient or a novice, my goal is to help my students move better, feel better and provide you with the skills to live a happier more balanced life!

Melanie Parsons

I have been working in the fitness industry for 22 years. I have certifications in cycle (Johnny G Course) and pilates. I have taught on four continents and competed in fitness competitions and body shaping. I was also on an Australian television show “Aerobics Oz Style” for over three years and was a competitor on Australian “Gladiators”. I have a degree in medical science and a masters in applied science (chiropractic) so health and fitness have always been a big part of my life. I love teaching and encouraging my class to push themselves and get a great workout. Music is very important to me, I like having a strong beat that can set the tempo. I want everyone to feel welcome in my class so I give different levels/modifications to encourage beginners but also challengers regulars.

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