Class Descriptions

Yoga Alive offers a range of different yoga classes and styles to meet the needs of our students and where you are in your own practice. Whether you are brand new to yoga, a seasoned yogi, or just coming back from a break, we have a class for available just for you on our schedule. With a variety of classes on the schedule our yoga is both accessible and challenging for students of all levels.

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Beginner Hot Yoga

A class based on foundation, students new to yoga can poses through repetition and step-by step progression. Instructors will focus on alignment, anatomy, balance, and breath. New students are able to acclimate to the heat and humidity while they learn the Yoga Alive Beginner sequence and how to have a safe and healthy practice. Although designed and taught at the beginner Level, this class is welcoming to students of all levels.


Open Level Hot Yoga

Students from Beginners to Advanced will find what they need in our Open Level Hot Yoga classes.  Taught through progression, our instructors will guide students through a flow class that begins at the foundation of each pose and progresses from Beginner, to Intermediate, to Advanced.  With a focus on alignment, anatomy, balance, and breath, students are able to grow their practice at the pace they are ready for and will be able to challenge themselves at their own, individual level.

Advanced Hot Yoga

Ready to take your practice to the next level?  This 75 minute take students deeper into each pose, venturing into arm balances, inversions, and in depth sequences.  Similar to our Open Level class, poses will be taught in progression to allow students to grow and their own pace.

Triangle Pose
Runners Lunge

Open Level Vinyasa – Unheated

Students of all levels will have the opportunity to explore their yoga practice in an unheated environment. Taking the practice out of the heat offers opportunities to take poses and sequences in different directions. Come and explore your practice in a whole new environment.

Hot Beginner Power Stretch

Focusing on core, strength work, stretching, and lengthening muscles, this 60-minute class is the most effective and healthiest workout anywhere! You will learn fundamental stretches through repetition and a step-by-step progression, all while getting your sweat on in the hot room. This class is designed for beginners to allow students to get acclimated to the heat; however, how far you take the progression is up to you so students of all levels will get a great workout.

Hot Power Stretch

Want to get in the best shape of your life?  Lose weight, feel great, and look great with our Hot Power Stretch!  This vibrant workout includes stretch and strengthening for a healthier you.  As great music will keep you motivated, our instructors will strengthen your core and lengthen your muscles for an all over body workout! Held in the hot room, you will definitely get your sweat on.

Yoga Alive

Alignment & Anatomy for Yoga

A workshop-oriented class led by Joe Lang will provide 90 alignment and anatomy breakdown. Focusing on the regions of the body, families of postures, injury prevention, and modifications, this class is great for any who wants a better understanding of the human body.