Class Descriptions

Yoga Alive offers a range of different yoga classes and styles to meet the needs of our students and where you are in your own practice. Whether you are brand new to yoga, a seasoned yogi, or just coming back from a break, we have a class for available just for you on our schedule. With a variety of classes on the schedule our yoga is both accessible and challenging for students of all levels.

Levels: Our Learning Path

Follow the right path for you! We appreciate you staying with us through our changing journey
and now we hope to guide you along your new path!

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Beginner Hot 60

Start the journey! We offer over 20 classes specifically tailored for students stepping on their mat for the first time, as well as those yogis who want to revisit their roots. Beginner Hot 60 classes teach foundational poses and introductory breath work at a slower pace. Teachers show modifications and offer support.


Intermediate Hot 60 Level 1

(Formerly known as Advanced Beginner)

As you continue on your journey, the next step is Intermediate Hot 60 Level 1. In these classes students begin to explore a wider range of poses while flowing through their practice. Teachers offer modifications and prop usage along with the new challenges.

Intermediate Hot 60 Level 2

(Formerly known as Intermediate 60/75)

As your foundation has grown, so has your confidence and curiosity! Go deeper, explore your growing knowledge of poses in Level 2. Playing in new spaces, experiment with your skills through more standing and arm balances, all while flowing through longer sequences. As with all levels, teachers continue to offer modifications.

Triangle Pose
Runners Lunge

Intermediate Hot 75 Level 3

Your path may crave bigger challenges, you will find them in Level 3. Teachers will lead you through powerful and challenging asanas – giving encouragement and modifications along the way! We suggest students have Level 2 experience before taking Level 3.

Hot Vinyasa Flow – Mixed Levels

Vinyasa – the connection of breath and movement. In these classes the poses knit together in varying combinations to allow students to experience new poses in new ways. Vinyasa is a vibrant practice with sweet movement coupled with deeply held postures. Mixed Levels allow all students to join in. Modifications are always shown.


Based upon the teachings of Sri Pattabhi Jois, this strong vinyasa class introduces the primary series. Using Breath, Sun Salutations, and energetic locks, we generate immense heat and power to literally remold our bodies and minds.This class is open to all those who practice mindfully.

Yoga Alive

Community Class

These classes are donation-only, each month Yoga Alive donates to a different charity. Each class is taught by either current Teacher Trainees or very recent Training Graduates. This forum allows the new teachers a space to practice their craft, interact with our students and all for a good cause!